Sunday, April 21, 2013

Seeing You Once Again

Don’t you know
I laid the map out before me
this morning as the trees
and their leaves departed company

I thought for a while of a journey
to see you and look into your eyes
the winding road before me
the shadow and light
ever changing places

a ticking of minutes and hours
as the tires would hum a soft song

I could gas up the car and pack a lunch
but I found that you were too far away
and at the end of the map
I would need keel and sail
to break through the surf
and glide in the deep currents

If I just drove off from here
heading toward the setting sun
would the mast be ready
and the wind be friendly when I arrived?

Would the breeze show me the way?
then upon a rocky coast
dripping with rain and ferns
would your kind eyes greet me?

Pamela Olson

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