Wednesday, May 22, 2013


i saw you from the parking lot overlooking the beach of arched sea stacks; sea lion rookery amid black broken and groaning rocks.  you broke the sand open with each footfall while a full moon hung along the edge of the pacific. i saw you for what you were—an alien here—brother to me, another wanderer.  the sun played hide and seek through the mist and upright firs behind us—shadow and dim light of dawn.  the territorial calls off-shore rose and fell with the coming crash and returning silence of the waves.  i matched my steps to yours and as we passed the earth shattered.

lightning storm at dawn
the ocean is a lantern
followed by darkness

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Winter Sunset

the sun hangs stranded
atop the horizon
time suspended
golden light
like a jazz coronet
singing out that one warm note
into eternity

Unseasonable Weather

and the trees wake up
branches tingling with tips of fire
reds and oranges
flames leaping from brown
sleeping trunks

Pamela Olson

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Here is the Wind

here is the wind
rising from nothing
no birthplace or home
a nomad

alas—I cry
as it gathers its breath
the world and I

and it pushes down
from the mountain top
through canyons and valleys
sounding its warning

cry out—I say
tell me where you go
I see trees fall
and waters part

still it rushes on
scouring brick
and stone
with a secret

held within
until the wind and I
join and rising
going nowhere

going somewhere
finding nothing
finding everything
stripped down

laid open

Pamela Olson


the words have slipped out
the thoughts have scattered
all that remains
is breath and prayer
and memory

the deep spark
that has no name
where have you gone I cry
but how can I recall
what is not

you are the space between the stars
the shadows gathered in the woods
when the moon reflects only on limbs
and trunks of sycamore and birch
you are the emptiness between the rib bones
bright white and striated

let me feel your breath
against my sullen cheek
fill my mouth
with your stony words
emptied and emptying
like the waves upon the shore

Pamela Olson

For One Single Impression's prompt


you stand
in the dusky boundary

half man
half spirit

half sun
half shade

not of the forest
not of the meadow

half rain
half drought

dew drops hang
along your fingertips

change slices
midline and midplace

will you stay
or will you go

Pam Olson