Monday, November 18, 2013


One word given to me

know how the root touches water
know how the leaf dances in the wind
know how the canopy entwines the sky

know the feel of smooth bark
white as bleached bone
worn smooth by wind and water

know root and water
wind and leaf
crown and sky

know and be

Pamela Olson, 11/18/2013

In response to the Invitation to Poetry:
The Call to Our True Selves

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Dusty Feet

here are my dusty feet
  turned toward the earth
ashes to ashes:    flesh to stone

planted deep in soil
  rock and grit and

wash me, oh dew
  glisten on pebble and nail
wash me, oh sweet sweat

feed me with your ancient salt
  enclose me in the breaking waves
grace and water within---    without

feet still turned toward earth

Pam Olson, 11/16/2013

Written during "Writing & Meditation: A Pairing of Silence & Words"
at Grailville, OH